Coaching: what to expect and how to choose your future coach? 1/2

You are interested in coaching and wish to know more about it before starting to look for the ideal coach?

In this article, I am describing the key elements to think about when looking for a professional coach.

One thing is sure: it is definitely worth it! Time and efforts invested in coaching with a competent partner at your side will be well rewarded! Here is an excerpt of an independent study led by Price Waterhouse Coopers and commissioned by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) about customer satisfaction after coaching:

When does coaching make sense? Coaching can (for example) make sense if:

  • You are managing or are yourself going through important changes in your life or at work (company restructuring, professional move, expat mission, new family challenged that impact your professional life and lead to existential questions…)
  • You are taking over or aim at taking over new tasks and responsibilities.
  • Your management responsibilities become a burden.
  • You manage or currently go through change processes.
  • You would like to look deeper into your conflict management skills.
  • You want to strengthen your self-esteem, your serenity.
  • You feel overworked, exhausted and look for new ways towards a better balance.
  • You stand in front of important decisions.
  • You are looking for personal feedback and an authentic sounding board.

How does a coaching process look like?

A coaching mission always starts with a first in-take session between you and your potential coach. It is a non-binding first meeting to check the chemistry between you: if both feel at ease to start working together, the first session will be used to look in depth at the coachees objectives. Spending time on defining precisely what brought you there will already clarify a lot and help your coach plan the next steps.

Your coach will then follow a common thread around your personal goals and the overall coaching process, which may look like this:

Generally, a coaching mission will last between 7 and 15 hours and the sessions will be spread over a total period of 3 to 9 months. It is important that you have time to put in place solutions you have developed with the support of coaching and reflect on the experience made with your coach.

The final session will include an evaluation which is essential to both you and your coach to acknowledge learnings and consolidate them.

Number and duration of each session may vary depending on your specific needs and the habits of your coach. The coaching process is, in any case, linked to the client’s goals and limited in time. This is a defined period of time contract. However, the relationship between coach and coachee may be reactivated any time through a new mission.

In my next article, I will continue by looking at the following questions:

What can you expect from your future coach? what are the “no go’s” ?

What is the role of a coach? what will she/he bring you?