Why « Developing People »?

Developing as a professional and as an individual is nowadays a must but it is also a fundamental human quest, an engine that boosts us to move on, helping us to adapt and progress.

This is the reason why, after more than 12 years working as an HR professional in a multinational company, I decided to dedicate my experience to developing people. And this is what I do since 2016, following the motto “for a better quality of life at work!”

Contact me to schedule a meeting and discuss how I can help (first meeting is non-binding and free of charge).

    • Are you looking for a competent partner on your own development path?
    • Are you willing to give your employees or management team the opportunity to step back from the daily rush and allow them to focus on their strengths, talents and resources in order to their reach challenging goals?
    • Are you stuck in a conflict and would like to turn it into a development opportunity?
    • Are you facing a professional challenge (new position, restructuring, time or stress management etc) and would like to look at it from a new angle and act with purpose?

DP – Delphine Pietschmann

In my role as a Coach and Mediator, I aim at widening the view of my clients. I facilitate discussions and propose appropriate tools and methods to open new perspectives.

For more self awareness, self confidence and better decisions everyday.

As an Advisor and Trainer, I bring you best practices which we can then adapt together to the size, culture and DNA of your organisation.

I believe in lifelong learning and propose training activities which can also be reshaped during our first meeting in order to better fit your current needs.