I offer my services in three languages (english, french and german)


Being the specialist of your issues and challenges you are also the instigator of your success. Coaching is a real opportunity to step back from daily stress and experience a detailed analysis of your behaviour in order to better act in your professional environment and improve your decision-making abilities for your future.

When does coaching make sense?

Coaching can (for example) make sense if:

  • You are taking over or aim at taking over new tasks and responsibilities.
  • Your management responsibilities become a burden.
  • You manage or currently go through change processes.
  • You would like to look deeper into your conflict management skills.
  • You want to strengthen your self-esteem, your serenity.
  • You feel overworked, exhausted and look for new ways towards a better balance.
  • You stand in front of important decisions.
  • You are looking for personal feedback and an authentic sounding board.

I see my role of coach as a catalyst, proposing working methods, a caring and critical eye and holding a mirror  in front of my clients to reveal their blind spots and hidden strengths.

Give me a call so we can set up a first meeting free of charge. Should the chemistry be right, we can then plan our first coaching session.

Mediation / Conflict Management

Based on free will of the affected parties as well as on the neutrality and transparency on the mediator’s side, I work with my clients in total confidentiality. Inspired from the models of Friedrich Glasl as well as the “non-violent communication” of Marshall B. Rosenberg, I am a member of ALMA (Association Luxembourgeoise des Médiateurs Agréés).

I am convinced that conflicts can be a source of personal development. But before being that, they can be costly to individuals and organisations (money, time, energy). Conflicting parties find themselves stuck in a corner, suffering. But if both parties are willing to give mediation a chance, my role will be to accompany them and support them to re-establish dialogue. During a mediation process, the parties re-learn active listening in order to find together way and solutions to their shared issues together.

It is often hard to make the first step in such situations, but it is worth. I would be pleased to welcome you during a first confidential and non-binding meeting after which you can decide, whether you would like to give mediation a chance.

Team Development

A team is far more that a sum of its individuals. Each team has its own rules (written but also tacit), its life cycle, intimacy or exclusion, its leaders (official and actual), influencers etc.

In a Team Development Workshop, it is possible to look at all those aspects of group dynamics. My role is then to drive the discussion, propose appropriate theoretical inputs and practical exercises in order to put things in perspective and ultimately to ensure that your team members can transfer their collective and individual learnings into their day-to-day. For a better understanding of strengths and differencies, more acceptance and a stronger performance!

The workshop format (one or more days according to the needs) is the approach I propose for team events.

Have a look at an example of a 1-day team workshop!

Let us start by going through your needs in a first meeting (free of charge).