Performance Management

Are you looking at reviewing your performance management system or are about to put one in place ?

Would you like to prepare your management team for annual performance review meetings, enhance their capability of giving and receiving feedback or propose coaching tools for their staff?

Then let us schedule a first meeting (non-binding and free of charge) in order to figure out where I can help you with your performance management concept and tools.

Communication and conflict prevention

Managing conflicts is important but preventing them is even better. Contact me if you want to organise a training based on communication and conflict management for your employees.

Based on practical exercises and role plays, it will be the occasion to better understand mechanisms that trigger conflicts and learn some new methods to better manage emotions.

Recruitment Process

Would you like to implement a more efficient recruitment process ? From writing high-quality job descriptions corresponding to your exact needs and aligned with the market’s expectations to leading efficient recruitment interviews and negotiations, I can accompany your teams.

Recruitment is neither an innate competency nor an exact science, which is why it is crucial to put the right KPIs in place in order to optimise decisions in this area.

Let us find out what your vision and your KPIs could be in terms of recruitment in a first non-binding meeting.

Talent Management

Talented people are everywhere and are extremely diverse : who are the key talented people for your organisation ? How can you identify them best ? Is it worth investing in a mentoring or a high potential programme for your company? What are the advantages of such programmes and what is the best way to communicate relating to these sensitive topics?

Let’s work together on the set up of a framework to manage talented staff in your company. I can then support you in the practical roll -ut through trainings or assessments.

Make the first step: give me a call so we can meet.